Views went to 109 Yesterday. They are to 36 now.

I would say I don’t have to do anything to get the posts to bring views, but I believe I have to pamper this blog. I write the posts, and put them out there to be read. Then people come by to read what I have to say. Enough can be one post that has been well written. Enough can be two posts, that have something delightful to read about. I believe the Lord has given me wisdom. I never run out of words.

Life is short. I believe it is to be lived and enjoyed. I played my checkers game yesterday. That is fun until the computer beats me. It is harder to win when it is playing. Opponents are hard to find by the computer. I do play. Some of the games are not on my side from the beginning. The computer will say to jump this one. When I do, the opponent jumps mine, and it wins more points. I believe I have played 100 games of checkers by now this month. It is a good game to help build your mind. It is not a waste of time to play this, but I don’t linger all day with it. Checkers is on the internet, as a free game to play.


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