The Pork Chops Were Wonderful!

Isaac hammered the pork chops and put them in a bag to marinate. When he took them out of the bag, he put the dressing on them. Then he put them in the oven. Tonight we had tomatoes, pork chops, and broccoli. This truly was enough. The pork chops were wonderful. I am full enough to last until breakfast.

None of us had lunch today. I nibbled on something, but it was small. It might have been some fresh broccoli. We have not been eating much. We have room to not eat. We have gained from the wonderful cooking, and from what we eat on Wednesday nights at the church.

I am thinking about chicken, but I may give in to pork chops. Either way the meal will be good. We are not hungry, and there is good reason. It isn’t so hot out yet. We have been through some things that left us with some decisions to make. They will be for the better. We are praying this week. Ed was preaching towards Pentecost Sunday. It was an unforgettable time when the Holy Spirit came on the believers. We need the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.


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