I NEED A HAIRCUT. It doesn’t matter. If you work it right, you can go another two weeks the way you are. I am picky about who I let cut my hair. I have been to some salons where everyone there was going out the door with a beautiful hairdo. I believe hair is the hardest to fix. Mine is resistant at times. This is when I go to get it washed and set, and trimmed.

It isn’t so easy to have short hair. There is more I have to do with it. So I intend to let it grow, but not long. I love a medium length. When I was a girl, my hair was long, and it two plaits. I had bangs. I loved for mom to plait my hair, because when she gave me a perm, the hair was not manageable. It poofed out with volume. The curls were soft, but I thought my hair was sticking out twelve inches on the sides. So we plaited it, or I wore it in a pony tail. They do get longer. Mine did. I never thought I was beautiful, or ugly. In those days it didn’t matter. I was enjoying life with my bike, and with my sisters.



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