I will Cook Supper for the Church tonight.

I expect a small number to show up, but that does not keep me from making a bodacious  meal. A small number is twelve people. It would be a miracle if we had 12 people tonight. I will pray about supper, and the Lord can nudge people to come . If they listen, we will have plenty of people there for the meal. I want to serve chicken, and mashed potatoes. I have no clue if this will work. It works for me. The chicken will be marinated, so it will be tender, and good. I have served as many as 17. Some have left.

Ed has difficulty with some foods. They make him choke. I will see if this will do, if not, we will eat a more tender meat, like pork chops. They turn out wonderfully tender when you beat them with the kitchen hammer.


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