Work is Work.

I believe in working around the house, and in the yard, so there is order, and things are picked up and neat. Trying to do this daily is not a solo job. Ed cuts the lawn, and I see that Isaac puts in washes and keeps the clothes basket from literally flowing over. This is all good work.

I believe cleaning the clothes closet is important. I believe we were made to have routine, and order, but I love it when the house is clean, the yard is mowed, and we are sitting down to a fine meal. I have told Ed that I love a fresh-cut lawn. He has mowed more this year because of the rains, and the grass growing. I believe he does the mowing for personal exercise, and he can think, and pray while he is out mowing without television, and without our interruption.

It is work to get up early, and to study the Word of God. Christians, find a paper that has all the books of the Bible on it, front and back and mark off the chapters you have read. It takes time to read the Bible completely, but it is a good hobby.



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