Threshing? Is that Part of Writing?

The Imagination hat.When you are a, spontaneous, writer you might thresh a little with the writing you are rendering. I believe threshing is part of the writing process. We differ in opinions. That is the beginning of an argument. It is not threshing. What I mean is the difficult time we have of making our points clear as the sun that shines in the daytime…that is threshing.

On a clear day you can see the mountains, and the houses when you are above the horizon. I believe threshing comes when you add one more thing to clarify a point. Threshing is writing that has to be worked on, and the message gets precise as you want it.

There are 1600 ways to do things, and I believe we have to have our imagination hats on when we write. You may not see it when you are typing, but the imagination is instantly in gear when you put this hat on. Do I wear it? I have not ever had someone say that I had little, or no, imagination. I think all the time, and writing flows easily, when I am interested, and told that I am doing well. It is when I am being threshed that I have difficulty with anything.

Examples of threshing would be, “You are hurrying with your art!

Do you think, I must draw it out, and then go to the computer to put the drawing on the post?”

The threshing starts, because your spontaneity wants to say, “Draw it with the tools you have on the computer. It will be a better rendition.”

Do I want to draw it out on the den table, or do I want to begin drawing the thing on the computer? I believe getting quiet, and sketching a plan is a, good, idea.

I don’t draw well, but I do try to give the readers an idea of what I am talking about.

Enthusiasm is catching. Zeal is when someone has the idea, and runs with it. They don’t have time to talk about it. Many times zeal keeps us from thinking so hard about how we write.

I would love to be extemporaneous.

Spontaneity without criticism is wonderful. The work of Art comes when you are by yourself to save you from the comments that are not going to be kind. I have been taught to find something good, regarding those I teach. I am careful, but I do encourage students when I am with them. I encourage them to do their homework, and bring pencils. Do you think all of them did this for me? Some worked their homework in class. I believe math homework shouldn’t be done until 2 hours after it has been given. It is practice you know.


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