Some Things are Just Standard to Move the Mountains.

I believe we know the passage about praying and the mountains move. I believe when two people pray together, they can put 10,000 to flight. I believe there are things in our walk with God that are vital to our seeing answers.

Doubts, and unbelief have to be addressed as things that need to go. Negative comments need to stop, because they really are not faith. Faith comes……….by hearing and we hear the Word of God in our hearts because we read it recently, or faith comes as we hear what God has done for someone else.

At times we have spiritual, blocks that are in the way, and we might call these mountains. I believe intellect can be a block, because we don’t allow faith to come take hold of our mind. We think the idea we had is stupid, but what if the idea came because we were in the Word, and God gave the idea to you. I believe there are religious mountains that we have to tell to go in Jesus name. Being religious is not being powerful in the Lord. I believe when you know Him, you want to be around Him, and you want to be with His people.

I believe at times we are totally out of it spiritually. We wonder why God hasn’t moved in our situations. I believe He is waiting for us to get rid of our pride, and arrogance. We have His ear when we repent of pride, and arrogance. There I have said it again. At times we are just too, proud for God to move on us.

You can’t put God in a box. He won’t fit, because His Presence covers more than a box. God listens to sinners repenting. God evaluates a sinner’s heart. Our pride, and arrogance has to fall at the feet of Jesus. One day every knee will bow to Him. We need to worship Him with humility, and forgive each other for our arrogant ways.


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