Rejoicing in the Hard Times.

I love to sing, and rejoice. It is harder when things go wrong, and more happens against us, than the good. I give the hard things to God, bind Satan, sin, and self, and then I praise God. It takes maybe three, minutes to tell God what I need, and I don’t do this first thing. God is Holy. He is on the Throne in Heaven, and I believe He wants His children to talk to Him, and to sing to Him.

It is hard to rejoice in the hard times. Disappointments will come along, and every day won’t be the best day you have had yet. I believe when we make our request short, then we have time to praise God from whom the blessings do flow. I believe all the angels hear us singing to God, and they want to join in that.

I believe God wants His children to say so. Rejoicing in the hard times is what God loves to see. We are hurting on the inside at times, but when we sing anyway, it is a sacrifice of thanksgiving. We come boldly, but with humility to the throne of Grace, and God sees us when we come to Him. He looks on the heart, and not on the outward appearance. I do believe God loves us, and wants us to walk closely with Him. Thank God for His forgiveness when we come sincerely with repentance.


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