Rejoicing in the Hard Times. 2

There is a little more to say about this. I have found that if I spend more time thanking, and praising God, my day will go better. I make may requests, and keep them short. Out of the time I spend, 4 minutes may go for making requests, and the rest is spent praising, and loving Him.

I believe in the steadfast love of the Lord. I believe we do what we want to do in our hearts. I believe it is miraculous that we come to know Jesus Christ as our Savior. I believe He loved us so much, and that truly He is the Son of God. I believe the gift of Salvation is received by faith, as a gift. Jesus died that we might have abundant life. He died for all the whole world. I believe it is wonderful when someone puts aside their pride, and receives Christ as their own Savior.

Rejoicing in the hard times, is a habit that we should adopt. Every day isn’t going to go right. There will be hills, and valleys to go through. I believe God gives wisdom when we truly surrender to Him. Head to toe, inside and out, we must surrender. In the church service, I realized that I needed to give my life further to the Lord. We were on the last song, and I am usually at the overhead, putting the next song up . I believe God wanted me to go forward, and when the singing was coming to an end, I hurried at my age, to get down to the front where others were gathering.

Ed, my husband, looked at me and said, “Why are you down here?” He is the pastor of our church.

I said, “God wants me to surrender again, today. I feel I have more to do in my life. I need wisdom, and surrender is necessary.”

This time the need to get down there was so imminent. I knew I had to go surrender, even though I make sure daily. It didn’t matter……..I needed this time to surrender publicly for all He wanted.

I am glad this happened. This week has not been easy. Surrender has helped in the difficult times of the week following my surrender. God is awesome. Surrender is daily. This time it was public……….maybe so I could tell heaven, and hell that I am surrendered to Jesus Christ. I have been. I needed to make it very clear.


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