Making it Right Again. 2 (Written to Christians.)

I believe in making it right again when you know it is wrong. If you chewed out your child, and he didn’t really do anything to make you this angry, then maybe you need to make it right. Go talk to him, or her.

Speaking harshly is not the way to make corrections . I believe we need to watch what we think, and say to each other. The love of God speaks the truth to us by the Holy Spirit. Humility is praying, and walking with God. It is listening to what He has to say about life, and people.

I believe the Lord gets angry when we mistreat the children of God that we know, and have been around on a weekly, basis.

Leadership needs to watch, and pray before they come to church. In fact, leadership should be studying the Bible on a regular basis in order to have the covering of the Word of God on them.

“Satan goes about as a roaring lion, seeking whom to devour.” Bible.

We become stronger in the Lord, and in the Power of His might when we put on the armor He has given us. I believe we have become lazy in well-doing. I believe we must turn from wickedness, and seek the face of the Lord our God. It takes discipline to walk with the Lord in His light. It takes reading the Word, writing the Word, and speaking the Word that God says to you, to walk in the Holy Spirit’s power.

I believe we should all be repenting, and asking for the Holy Spirit to fill us anew, and afresh. I believe  Christians should speak the truth to me with love, and gentleness. Harsh words should be prayed over. I carry the Presence of the Lord with me, because by faith I fill up daily, in the Word. It is open until I get the Word for today. I believe this is the secret of walking with God. Study, and become equipped. Ask to be filled with the Power of the Holy Spirit.

I have written several strong, suggestions, and I rose early this morning to study, and read. When I rise early, it takes discipline; because I might go to bed later than I am used to going. I have a schedule, and I try to follow it because of getting up early. If I have slept 7 hours, this is about all I need. I get up early, find my Bible, and find where I am reading next. I finished 2 Kings today.

“Faithful is He who calls us, who also will do it.” The Bible.

As we study the Word, then the words we say are housed in the Word, because we meditate on it, and chew on it. I have found that binding self, and Satan, and sin is helpful in walking in victory.

Television is fine for getting the news. I believe there is a choice to turn the movie off, or to sit there, and watch all things. If we will show the producers what we do like, they will take note. It takes grit to turn to another station when a movie that is filthy is showing. The world will get worse, and worse. What you put in your mind will stay there. It will grow, and produce something. This is why it is wonderful to hide the Word in your hearts.

I am a professing Christian. His Word is in me in reams, because I read the Bible through yearly. I am on my 9th time, but I am much older. I should have been reading it long before now. I think reading the Bible is wonderful. After a while, I know there are parts of the Bible that resurface when I need to recall them.  I taught Reading classes, the children read the story once, and then we read it as a group. They answered questions from the text. I believe that reading a piece many times is going to give more, understanding, and comprehension. We need to become so familiar with the Bible, that we know where certain favorite passages are.


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