I believe Success is Inevitable when you Keep Threshing, and Working on What You Have.

It is like ducking your head down, and continuing to type, whether anyone reads it or not. Writing is lonely, but with your imagination in full gear, you should add some pictures, and some humor that is sensible, and clean. I turn off the blogs that are mean, and full of swear words. I believe negative, writing can be harmful to the atmosphere. I do believe success is working, and then letting the blog float on its own for a few hours.

I do this in cooking also. I put it on high to melt the butter, and then I turn the oven off. The burner will be hot for 25 minutes, but the eggs will cook slower, because the heat has turned off. They still take minutes to finish. Today the eggs kept popping. Isaac loves popped eggs, but I put jelly on the plate, my toast, and then the juicy, eggs. Well, without the toast this morning, I saved calories, and my eggs were not so juicy. I should go back to Cheerios. I have always thought they were ideal when I didn’t want eggs.


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