Buff,buff, buff! By Ruby J Craft

via Daily Prompt: Buff

This word, Buff is used many ways. I think it is used at times in regards to polishing shoes. If you put the expensive shoe polish on your loafers, you must wear gloves. It will get on you, because this is powerful shoe polish. You rub it on the shoe. Then you wait for the polish to set. When it has been about 10 minutes, then you buff the shoe with an old rag, or something in your hand that will buff out the extra polish that hasn’t gone into the shoe. At first the shoe looks like it needs help. You add the polish with a clean cloth, and wear gloves. It is messy to get this on you. Then you wait, and you buff the shoes  with the rag. It takes a good buffing. You can use a brush to buff the shoes once the first part is done.

Buff, buff, buff.

Buff the shoes to a shine.

Keep the rhythm,

and you almost have a song,

I buff my shoes every time

I go somewhere special.

Shoes need tender care,

and buffing brings back their shine.

It is old-fashioned goodness at best!


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