32 Posts in one day.

Dressed and Ready to Go.

I typed all day when I saw the stats going up. Wow! I finally wrote 32 posts in one day. I started out early in the morning, and when I saw things were moving, then I began writing short posts, and long ones. It depended on the topic. Usually I limit the length of the posts to 3 paragraphs. I draw my own pictures many times. I love to illustrate, and it takes time to get them done. I now love to write to my audience.


Today has been a writing, and resting day. My side started hurting this afternoon. It hurt yesterday, also. I guess it will just have to get better. My doctor says the x-ray showed nothing in the gallbladder. I am not in dire pain. I often wonder why this pain is there. When I am upset, or worried, the pain is worse.  I will try to remain peaceful. Ed sent me back to the computer, because I kept jumping when the scary part of the mystery was on the show. I have been a coward while watching a scary movie.

Well, I say this has been a wonderful day. I hope the stats continue to go up.


19 thoughts on “32 Posts in one day.

    1. Thank you. I have been encouraged. I don’t know how others keep their stats running high. I do visit other blogs, and I love to meet other authors. Reading is wonderful until my eyes hurt. They haven’t been hurting. I don’t stay all day on the blog.


      1. I find great purpose in writing. I never have a problem coming with a subject. They come to mind, and I write. When my hands are on the keys, I know what to write about. I believe wisdom is not easy to receive, but those who listen are wise.


      2. Thank you. Wisdom comes from knowing the Lord. Faith moves mountains, and with a little you can still move them. I believe two agreeing puts many to flight. Can you imagine angels landing on the property around you? They may be invisible, but you can tell when they are there to come to the rescue, to encourage, and to bring relief.

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    2. I find that many things are started with discipline. It takes discipline to rise early after being up late. I believe in the goodness of the Lord, and that He has far more imagination, and creativity to show me.

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