This is Memorial Day.

We slept a little later, because yesterday was a wonderful, but busy day. We had supper at the church, with hotdogs, and hamburgers, and all the things that people brought in to eat. I have been fixing only one pie, and I brought an apple pie. One man took the rest of my pie home, and I was pleased. It has a cup of sugar in it, but the heat burns off some of the sugar.  I used one kind of apple this time, and added butter, sugar, and the spices.

It takes years to perfect your favorite, dish. Mine has been apple pie, and the candies make this pie. It takes an hour to bake. I don’t take it out of the oven until the pie is spilling out the syrup. This way I know it is done.

This is Memorial Day. We are thankful for all who have served in the wars. There are many who defend our country overseas. I believe in saying thank you.


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