800 is an Awesome Number.

When I looked this morning, there were 800 followers to Rubies Corner’s blog. It has taken two, weeks for the blog to turn to 800. I have drawn pictures, and stood on my head. At times I know that people are watching what I put out. Other times they are distracted. So I draw pictures. Mine has always made people laugh.

I fixed an apple pie to take to the supper last night. I also fixed slaw from scratch. I didn’t have any pie left, and that was a good thing, although Isaac says that apple pie warmed up is a good finish to breakfast. Here lately I make one pie, and bring it to church. This way there are no left overs for us to eat. We can’t have many sweets. We eat jelly with toast, and that is enough.

I worked the new toaster this morning. I tried to fry eggs, and none of them would fry up right. I made two extra eggs, thinking that those would look a little better. They did, and we kept making toast in the four at a time toaster. It is beautiful to put the toast in, and by the time the eggs are done, so is the toast. I don’t make grits anymore. They are considered a bread, and I already have toast under the eggs, with jelly under the toast. This way I can eat them and enjoy . Jelly on under the toast is newly found, and I love it.


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