Pursuit : What Matters in Life?

What really matters in life? I believe life is a gift, and that pursuing the right disciplines is how to find fulfillment in life. Life is huge, so let’s talk about daily life. What is important in our daily life.

Food, clothing, and shelter, respect from others, and yourself are necessary. We have to eat to live, but how much is often too, much. I believe pursuing happiness is wonderful, if you have patience. Everyone on the earth is not happy. You have to pursuit your life with the intension of doing what you know you are supposed to accomplish in this life.

Some won’t forgive, and neither will they respect you. Respect is earned.  When you sit down, or stay in the room, and deal with yourself , you may come back several days to finish forgiving those who have angered, or hurt you.

I sat down to forgive. When I finally finished, I  saw an object like a Hindenburg float away from me. All those forgiven names were on it. I forgave them, and I saw all of it leave. God allowed me to remember their names so that when I finished, those were forgiven.

I am a preacher’s wife. I have learned to forgive, and forgive, and to speak when I need to speak. I pray about many things, but forgiveness is worked out like Salvation is. Work it out with fear towards God. You forgive, because it is Christ who helps you love people.

Life is harsh.  It turns into a blessing. Without Christ, life is empty, even though you may have all you ever wanted, or needed.

I believe we reap abundantly what we sow.  Christ loved to the end when He died, and then when He rose again, He found two, disciples talking on the way to their destination. They didn’t recognize Him until He was no, longer with them. He walked with them, and talked to them . After He left, they recalled how their hearts were stirred as He talked to them.

I believe things hinder us from hearing what God has to say to us. I often bind self, Satan, and sin. I loose the Presence of the Holy Spirit. This works for me in trying to communicate to those who won’t listen. Hardness of heart develops out of our bitterness. I haven’t finished forgiving. It will go on for the rest of my life.


3 thoughts on “Pursuit : What Matters in Life?

  1. This is beautiful, Rubio. So many excellent points. Forgiveness is a life long thing we work on. I am way more productive and happy with an open heart. Luckily, I forgive easily. I think it’s a gift from the Man above. I agree that we have to pursue happiness and the things we are supposed to accomplish. Loved your words today. Thank you. Have a wonderful weekend. I didn’t realize you are a pastor’a wife. I’m not surprised! ❤️


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