Changes Happen.

Changes happen in a family. Children get older,and grow into teens, and adulthood. We know they aren’t going to be little forever. Parents have more influence than they know. Long after children have grown up, they remember the good times, and the bad ones. Parents who are steadfast in their ways, raise children who learn to become good citizens, and they raise them to think about life, and what they will do to influence people. Frankly their influence is there long after parents have died.

My parents were older when they married, so they started a family within a few months of getting married. They had structure in their home from the time they were married. Both my parents were raised with the work ethic, and making the home their castle. My parents taught at a Boys school for several years when they were first married. My older sister and I were born during those years. Finally,Dad went to Seminary, and we moved.

Mom,and Dad showed us how to clean, and we cleaned the house on Saturday, while Mom was away working. We must have started working on Saturdays at an early age. We couldn’t watch cartoons until we had cleaned our assigned place, and our room. During the week, my mother and father read the Bible to us and with us as we learned to read at school. We prayed together before we left the house. Once for punishment we girls wrote until finally Mom said we could stop.

What we wrote was, ” Delayed obedience is disobedience, and disobedience is sin.”

Train a child, in the ways of the Lord, and they will never forget their training. It isn’t just going to church that influences children. I believe my strong,faith, and strong,relationship with the Lord started when Mom led me to Christ. Then she mentored me for the rest of my years. I gave my life early to the Lord. At age eleven I recommitted to Him.  When your best,friend knows how to pray, and help with questions, it is a life saver.


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