What I Have Learned.

I have learned to sing in the car, and by myself at home to warm up my singing to the Lord. When I do this on a regular basis at home, or in the car, or in private, it sets me free to forget what I am doing in the service. I might raise my hands, clap lightly, or worship stronger after practicing at home. I believe when we sing to the Lord, that it is like singing before the throne of God. I believe our songs go up as an offering of praise to Him.

I use to sing alto, but since I have been singing at the church, in the choir, I have been singing the melody, not alto. We all sing the melody, and it has been different. I sang alto most of my life, because Mom trained us girls to sing parts together. I believe a strong voice is trained. I never sang the melody in the trio, because I didn’t want to sing through my nose. I thought alto would keep me from doing this. So to sing the melody has been a challenge, but I love to sing to the Lord, because of the influence to do this, and more if I wanted. I have been free in my worship, but I backed away because others around me were not used to this style of worship. I am free.

So now I don’t do as much as I have in the past, but I know I am before His throne, by faith. We come boldly before His throne to make our requests. Well, I come boldly to sing to Him, and to honor the Lord. Singing is often the prayer of my heart to Him. I believe in making requests, and praising and singing to Him far more than the time is to make a request. He answers even when I don’t pray long over things. I believe Psalm 100 has been a strong influence on my life, and will continue to be. I enter His gates, and His courts with praise. It is by faith. I love Psalm 100.


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