My Response.

via Daily Prompt: Survive

At times I have taken classes for recertification and the class has been so hard that I wondered if I would pass it. I took Economics to certify in Virginia. It was the hardest class I have taken in my life. I did pass it, but the grade was terrible. There were no tutors that I could go to, so I took the class over, thinking that I might make a better grade. I learned a little more, and survived the class the second time. I didn’t make an A, but I was new to this subject. When it was explained thoroughly, I learned more about it. I believe economics is important, but I was in school, and studying for tests, and doing papers. I knew little about the subject.

Some people have run their own businesses at an early age. They have imagination, and the fortitude to dream their dreams, and make them happen.

I had little money, and Mom insisted that I not work during the school year. My education was paid for, and I must study, and work hard. I survived college, and with hard work, and I graduated with a BS degree. I taught school for 20 years. That isn’t long, but you don’t know where I taught, or who I taught. They were the best children, because I lost my dignity. I lost my pride. I found the Lord, and asked daily for wisdom. He gave me wisdom, and I learned to trust Him. I did survive. In fact I thrived in the classroom. When I was older, I retired.

I survived teaching, and I tutored children for seven more years. Some were adults, and teens. I found that people should be smiling on the inside. When you are smiling, you are doing more than surviving. You are living the life you are called to live. It isn’t survival of the fittest. It is survival of those who don’t stop in the middle of the road of life, and sit down in it. Keep going, and keep reading the Word of God, and speaking about Jesus. Soon you aren’t a survival victim, but you are redeeming the time. You are basking in His Presence, and working where you are planted.

Once planted, flowers do bloom.


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