How do you Overcome the Addiction?

Start admitting that you have the addiction for …………Find someone who you know lives their life peaceably, wisely, and prayerfully. Ask them to pray for you. The right person who prays with wisdom will either pray for you, or rebuke the addiction off you. It won’t leave until you are thoroughly disgusted with it, and you want it gone. Some addictions are hard to break. You treaded on territory that was forbidden, and you got bit by the addiction. Now it gnaws until you feed it.

How then do you overcome it? I am presently fasting what I have found to be addictive. I have stopped consuming it, and I am standing back. I don’t want to be addicted any longer. Another addiction is the sweets, and I will get control of these. I believe I can fast the sweets, and not give in, but I believe I will say no sweets except for …….and then it can only be a cup. A tiny cup. It will be the last to go……the ice cream is what I’m talking about. I don’t eat much, but I am sweet, with sweets. I cannot afford to eat much. I have had one  cup of ice cream today.


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