Why Cartoons?

I love the funny paper on the Sunday edition of the Newspaper. We never read the newspaper, because we don’t subscribe. We might buy one at the store, if there is new that we want to keep.

There is always a cartoon page in the paper. Since I don’t have them handy, I thought I would make up my own. I drew one set last year, and I will do this again this year. There will be about twenty when I am finished. It takes me a long time to draw these simple cartoons. I don’t want to deliver confusion, or a mess. So I am trying to make good, cartoons that are worthy of laughter. When I would illustrate something in class that we were studying, the children would laugh, or become amused when I drew it on the board before studying. They would say, “What is that Mrs. C? I would tell them.” Eventually they would draw what we studied. It was a good lesson this way, because they were becoming interested through art in what we studied. Science was always studied, and drawn.

I haven’t had many art classes, and I surely didn’t major in it. I wish I had taken more courses in it when I was in summer school. I took a few, and passes the classes. I believe teachers are alike. College professors don’t give an inch if you don’t work, and show them that you are really studying, and trying.

I believe those who are gifted might get bored unless they take the class to task, and study the areas that go with what is being studied. Subjects are deep as wells, and we scan the surface, feeling proud that we studied so hard. I really believe we could all study more, and engage ourselves in learning. I spend about two, hours daily in Bible study. It is important for me to change, so there is a difference when I yield to the Holy Spirit. Isaac often says, “Have you studied today? Have you written on Rubies Corner? You have lots of followers. Write, Mom!”


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