This is a New Day, and Yesterday was the First day of my Week.

My husband is a pastor. I go to church, and we make coffee, and tea water, bring snacks for after the message, turn on the lights, and sit down to read for ourselves. This happens after we have had breakfast at home. We arrive early, because we want to come in, organize, get things started, and pray, read, and fellowship with the Lord. If we are in a rush, and time is short, then I don’t get to pray, and read until I go home.

Yesterday I didn’t get to read. The business of making the coffee was Ed’s task when he came in the door. Somehow the rest was easy. Our friends met us at the door. They surprised us that they were there. I was glad, and overjoyed to see them again. They are Baptist, but they went to school when we did… a Baptist school.

I believe my parents were charismatic before there were small groups of charismatic believers. My Dad, and Mom loved everyone, and if they believed in Jesus as the Son of God, and had received Him as their Messiah, they received them. My dad carried a list of people he was concerned about. He prayed they would come to Christ. Some never did while he was alive.

For some, the believing is not there. They have an unbelieving heart. You have to repent for unbelief, and receive Christ by faith as your personal Savior. I believe it is a miracle that we find Christ. So many haven’t.


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