Straight talk about Addictions?!

I believe America is fast becoming addicted to drugs, and whatever else they can think to swallow, or sniff. I don’t think this is right, but I don’t talk about this to those who are on drugs. I believe they are deceived, with themselves, and with their thinking about alcoholic drinks.

I have an addiction to sweets at times. I love them, and they don’t love my body. I develop places on my skin, and there are other symptoms that make me sure that I shouldn’t be eating much sugar from anything. Even the “no sugar” isn’t good for me. I am not totally off. Sugar makes you gain, and I don’t drink sweet tea, or any kind of tea except the hot Green tea. I can brew a cup and put “no sugar” in it. Honey is a good substitute.

I believe if we want to stand out from the crowd, we shouldn’t be looking like them. I have drunk beer in a crowd, and with others in their home. I have never loved beer. It tastes awful.

I love wine, but I am off both right now for good, reason. I am stopping the train when it comes to these drinks. You may think less of me now that you know I have drunk beer. It wasn’t ever taste-worthy to me. I tried. I went with the status, and soon I was stooped. Not any more. I believe God is setting me free from things that have controlled me. My self loves many things that God doesn’t want in my life. Self has to die, so Christ can sit on the throne of my heart.

Your self is a personality trait, that won’t go away. We struggle with self when we go to read the Bible. We struggle when we see a program on television that isn’t worthy. I believe we must pick and choose, and the choices are there for the taking. I know when I stand, it is alone at times. It is my head, my face, and my will that are involved. Two together stand better.

Jesus drank plenty of wine, but there came a time when He fasted lunch, because the conversation he would have that afternoon was that important. I believe we miss out because we want to follow Christ, but our flesh wants to get in there, and pretend it does too. I can tell when someone has been sitting before the Lord. They are full of His anointing which breaks the yokes of bondage. They are gentle, and loving, and full of the kindnesses of the Lord. This comes because the fruit of the Spirit goes with the gifts.


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