via Daily Prompt: Adrift

My dad loved to make his own sail boats, and then take me to sail with him. Mom would go, but it had to be on a cooler day. She had an allergy to the sun.  So dad and I would go with her blessing. It got me out of the house, and ready for solitude. He didn’t like to talk when we fished, and usually we had a line in the water from the boat in minutes. I have drawn some boats before, and I will draw another in a minute. Here are some older drawings. We would let the boat drift in the deep water. I always wore my life jacket in the boat, and so did he. I believe we might have been in 20 foot water at times. We were often adrift, because Dad loved the quiet. We could fish this way. Adrift in the water, is not bad, when you know where you are and how to get back to shore.

2017cartoonIn My CanoeHERE GOES THE ANCHOR, LORD.  2017cartoon


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