I Believe it Is Good to Fast one, or two Things.

I believe it is good to fast something for a long time. I have been off bread before. It was a long time, but I saw the difference as the days went on and on. I would submit it to God and go without. I wasn’t trying to lose weight, but I did, some.

We get so self-involved with God at times that even fasting can be of the flesh at times. We have to walk humbly before our God, and then he will notice what, and who we are. Pride goes before a fall, and spiritual pride is just as awful and some of the other things that people do. So in fasting, it is for humbling before Him.

Daniel in the Bible is one of my favorite characters because he was steadfast, and convinced in his fasting. He prayed because he and others were captive in Babylon. He ministered to the king, and they were close because Daniel was different from most people.  I would think he exercised the gift of wisdom many times for the King. Soon he was in charge of many things. His friends were like him, and they had leadership skills also. I believe God places us in places because we have been faithful in the small things. Faithful is He who calls us who will do above and beyond what we ask or think.

I believe fasting one thing will mount up. I believe water instead of Coke, tea, and other drinks will make a difference when you give them to God. Jesus turned the water into wine, but He is God, and He was there to celebrate the marriage that was taking place. They ran out of wine, and His mother asked Him what to do. Respect was still there for her. It wasn’t His time, but he changed the water to wine for the guest.

Jesus fasted for forty days, and he went through a series of temptations from Satan. He stood, and replied using the scripture. I believe Jesus died for you and me that we might have abundant life. He gave His life as the Lamb of God who would take away the sins of the world. Our believing is by faith, and special that God reveals Christ to us. I am thankful, and blessed. When I received Christ, I went from sad to happy. I began singing to Him, and frankly, I haven’t stopped.


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