I am fasting my Addiction.

This is the only way I can deal with my addiction. It is real, and some have verified that I have one. So I try to remember, and be thankful. After a while, the food will taste better to me without so much sweet. I don’t use substitutes when I make pies. I use real, sugar. If I learned to make the pie with one cup of sugar, I don’t decrease the sugar, especially if the apples are sour to the taste before putting them in a pie. ”

“If it isn’t sweet enough, it isn’t a pie,” Mom would say.

I have succeeded with fasting sweet things except for one that I haven’t given up yet. A small amount of ice cream has been a habit after supper, or a bigger lunch. I must drop this . It takes discipline to walk against the tide of addictions.

I believe we need support, but everyone else eats sweets. I know of only a few who stay off most of the time. They don’t want to lose energy. Sugar robs energy. It gives a high, and then you crash, just like a drug would do. So I have been fasting most sweets. I might have one day where I can eat anything, and then I go back on the fast.

I believe it will always be something I dearly love. A well-made cake. Something stupendous that everyone raves over. I am better off without it. My hips don’t hurt when I walk. My bones are not weary. I have a young, face for my age. I always have had. I believe God will take the thing I love the most, and enjoy this one being given to Him. He will help me, because I am sincerely addicted otherwise. It is my choice to give it to Him.


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