Good Morning! This is Monday All Day!

Monday can be a hard day, or most enjoyable. I don’t have to beat the clock to get somewhere today. I have a schedule for myself because I love structure. I am retired from school teaching. Once a teacher, always one. I must have known I would teach when I was young. I had 32 dolls on the wall to teach.  They had to finish their homework as well.

When you pretend like this, it must be God’s way of getting you ready for when you grow up and wonder what you should do with your life. I taught Bible to children for 10 years before I went to college to earn my BS degree in Elementary Education. I had no clue when I was younger that I would teach. The signs were all there. I held class everyday for a while, and all my dolls cooperated, or I paddled them. They were so scared, they wouldn’t talk. (I’m smiling now.)



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