GOLF CARTOON 3- RECENTI made another series of cartoon last year. I have decided to make a new set of golfing cartoons. My job was to pick up the balls, and bring them back, as long as they didn’t go in the little ponds on the side.  It gave me something to do. I am not good with golf, but I should go practice.

My favorite sport is playing pool. Someone can say, “Hit the ball on this side, and knock these, Ruby.” I can! It takes the vision from someone else, but really, I might be able to hit the ball without advice. I haven’t had to chance to play pool solo, or otherwise. People assume I don’t like it. I love Pool! There is nothing wrong with it, but often the tables are in a place that is grungy. I know of a place that is not, and I could go there, but I have other things that are higher priorities. So I guess you know I won’t be playing pool, unless I get what I have to do done.

I love to bowl, or at least when my arm wasn’t injured I did. Again, someone could say what to do with the ball, and when I did, it worked. I could think for myself, but when a pro advises, I listen. I haven’t played pool since I had the pacemaker put in. That has been since 2005. There are games one can play at home…such as bowling. It isn’t holding the heavy ball, but you still make your move, and the score is automatically given. I love to play this with Isaac, my son. He goes along because it is exercise for both of us. Isaac should have become a coach. He goes walking with me, and he coaches as I walk.

“It won’t hurt you to go faster, Mom.” He might say. I don’t reply. When I walk, I think of everything else but the walking. It is a wonderful time to have my own conversation with the Lord. When I am through, it is time to go home. I rest for the rest of the day.


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