Do You Know that Green Tea is Good for You?

Someone special introduced green tea to us years ago. My sister had cancer, and she talked of drinking green tea to help with the cancer she had. I suppose those who are health conscious can’t help but find out what is extremely good for you.

Beets have been on my mind. I believe they are good for you, but like everything else, moderation is a key. My dad used to say, “Everything in moderation.” His point was that we can go overboard with something, and get out of balance. There is a happy point where you have enough.

I have read that it is wise to have 3 cups minimum of Green Tea a day. We brew the water and put the tea bag in the cup, and pour the hot water over the tea bag. The coffee, tea maker makes hot water quickly, and it takes minutes to sit down with my Bible and a fresh brewed cup of tea. I put “no sugar” in the tea, and then milk. This way the calories are to zero.


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