A Second Thought on the Word,” Adrift.”

Many people don’t have a sense of direction. They have labored with the television too, long. Their minds are on games, and the computer, or watching movies on the television. I believe this has to do with being adrift, because you have stopped making goals for the day. You drift through it.

People who do this may live longer than us all. They don’t drink. They write, watch television, snack for lunch, and eat three meals. I believe they get dressed when they want to, which may be 4:00 P. M. A schedule is not there, and they drift through the day, remembering to get their beer, so they won’t have to get more while they have already sipped on two.

Life is simple, but it is not good to drift through life. Fast the beer if you have to stop the habit, but when it controls you, there is a danger that it has you under its control. Life can be simpler. I am not saying there is wrong in drinking, but there is a time to fast, and not drink it. It is when you know the stuff is controlling you, and that you go into unreality when you drink too, much. You become adrift without wanting to, and when you wake up, you say, “I will never lose my mind this way again.”


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