Views went to 177 with 32 posts last night.

I felt like writing, and I wrote until I knew I could stop. There was a need to write on into the night, without anyone looking over my shoulder. I didn’t stop because I had a mission to accomplish. I didn’t know how many posts it would take to finish what I had to say. I am usually quiet, and the silence had been long enough. I was back in full throttle. I hope you understand that it takes people to make this blog grow, but I pray over it. I put my hands on the keys, and there she goes with another writing. All are not perfect. I check the Spelling, and read it barely. I believe I am growing as a writer. A picture is usually hand-drawn. I know how to paint, and draw, but my training is limited. cropped-dancing_sunflowers_by_rsc3-d483avx-e1495288155397.jpg


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