The Old-Fashioned Way.

My son whistles, and today he was whistling a hymn. I said, “What are you whistling?” It was Trust and Obey.

I believe God gives us standards, and when we fall short, it is time to repent. We see many times in life how we fail. We don’t get up in time, and we arrive late to work. We miss the bus, because we failed to catch it. We weren’t there waiting for it.

We miss having an ice cream cone, because we weren’t home when they were brought in to us. Ours is waiting on us in the freezer.

In our life with God, we surrender to Him in Jesus name, and we begin walking in His light. We have fellowship when we walk in the Lord’s light. Receiving Christ as our Savior is an eye-opening decision. God reveals Christ to us. The Holy Spirit is involved in bringing us totally to Christ. I believe God wants us to be dedicated, and submitted to Him. For me to live is Christ. To die is gain. I believe this is for me. To live is to live for Christ…….His ways are not always understood. Following Him, is forever. Submission is an experience you have where you tell God that you want to be His child forever. You receive Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, and the Holy Spirit comes to live inside you from head to toe, inside and out, and all around. You are transformed into a new creature. Old things are not any more. You are different, because now God lives inside you…the Holy Spirit of God.



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