I Made Another Custard Pie.

The first pie I made was for Ed, and Isaac to try out. I wanted to see if it was going to be alright for the snack time after church service is over. Well, they have eaten half a pie. I didn’t have a whole piece. I had a pink toe, and didn’t want to have problems with it, since it is the right, big, toe.

I think the custard was comforting. I know the recipe by heart. I just put what I serve in smaller dishes, into a pie shell. I don’t use any thing but Pillsbury roll out dough. I used to make my own pie dough, but this dough is not like the frozen pie dough. You can find it at the grocery store. I love to find it. There are two shells to a box. If I make two pies, I have one for the first trial with Ed, and Isaac, and then one for everyone that I perfected with Isaac.

This is the second pie this week that I have made. I believe baked custard pie will be absolutely the best thing to have tomorrow. I hope they aren’t set on something terribly sweet. This 12 tablespoons of sugar and that’s all.16 Tablespoons makes a cup. For apple pie I put in more sugar. How about a cup of sugar! The heat in the oven burns some of the sugar off. I bake my pie at 350. It tastes just like Winter custard. It isn’t Winter, but Spring custard is good. I take a serving spoon, and drop in the sugar in the rest of the mixture before adding the milk that has come to a warm temperature but not boiling. Those who love custard should love this pie!


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