I Fix Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches, Differently. In my Old Age, I have Discovered the Hot side of toasting Bread.

We always use whole wheat bread. I simply love white bread, but we went off it when we had heart problems. I rarely eat bread, except for breakfast. I put my eggs on the toast, and cut it . Then I eat it. The jelly goes under the one piece of toast! A tiny dab goes a long way. It isn’t too tiny. The grape jelly is strong, but wonderful with fried eggs. They are fried in real butter…one slab melts, and then I pop the eggs in the skillet, one at a time. I can cook two, eggs in this little iron skillet.

About the peanut butter, and jelly sandwiches? We are trying to save our money, so a good, sandwich is better for lunches. I mix peanut butter, with the jelly in a small dish. Then I spread it on the lightly toasted bread. This time I had crunchy, peanut butter, and grape jelly to mix together. I am generous with the peanut butter, and the grape jelly. We don’t eat anything but grape jelly, and we buy a good brand, not the kind that saves you money to buy it. It is a small jar, not a big one, and the name is well-known.

We are particular about the jelly, because it can ruin a piece of toast. The butter melts on the hot toast. I have found that putting the toast in the smallest iron skillet, face down on the pad of melting butter is wonderful way to butter the toast. You have to be quick, and hold your mouth right. The butter can’t turn dark, so I turn the heat on high, and then coast at times. Coasting is turning the heat off, and waiting for the meal to simmer on the hot skillet. This way nothing burns.


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