What Keeps a Church Alive?

The Word of God, and people cause a church to grow. People who are alive know God, and follow in His steps. An alive situation has faith there. How do you know there is not faith. If you look at the outward appearance, you are judging, because faith come by hearing the Word. People who don’t hear the Word will not have faith.

A steady diet of the Word will cause you to move in faith. Faith is heard, and some are walking by intellect, and not faith. “I don’t see it, so I don’t think God is there, or answering.”

Well when we humble ourselves, and seek His face, and turn from our wicked, sinful ways, God will hear our prayers, and answer. Some don’t know Him, and He can’t hear you. It takes the Holy Spirit inside you, and this happens with surrender. A church that is alive has people who are surrendered to Christ from head to toe, inside included. I believe God has plans for us that we haven’t dreamed. BORN AGAIN


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