Those who Do Poorly Can Learn to Do Well.

If you are a poor student, I believe you can apply what you read, and raise your grades. Study how to study before you take the next class, or go to school again. I believe books like this help those making average grades improve. Good students study, and complete assignments. Good students attend school, and they don’t make excuses to leave early or to be out of school. I believe parents need to train their children before Kindergarten to love learn, and to love books.

Read to the little children you have. Play little games with them, and teach them how to play games with you such as checkers, Chinese checkers, and other games such as Sorry. I believe Monopoly is long, but it is fun, and it builds skills in counting money.

There are many skills that are divided by grade levels. I believe teachers teach to this list of things that their children that year need to know. Those who have done poorly have to catch up before they can proceed. I believe workbooks, and tutors can help. Children need to be motivated.

Watching television, and working on computer games won’t increase skills unless they are educational games.

I believe playing games that make you spell the word will help with spelling. I believe we learn when we want to learn.

School attendance will improve when we make the classroom interesting, and creative. This is where good minds are useful. Those with creativity in the classroom often become leaders in the school. They seem to know what to do to make children stay on task. If you make it interesting, they will want to come to school. You can have a very good lesson, but you have to catch their interest.

Know the plan well enough to follow without looking. Study, teachers. Think about what the average child, or the underachiever should do to increase their skills. Encouragement, and motivation for all of us makes us work better. Principals should encourage teachers……..all of them in the building. I know some who were favored. I believe if you have the degree, the support should be there.


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