This is an Awesome Day.2

This is Smokey’s baby picture. We thought we had a, male, for a while. The veterinarian told Isaac the news…….this is a girl.
Butch weighs more than 80 pounds…………..

God made the sunshine, and the rain. It is sunny today, and I love both the sun, and the rain. I believe God gives us the sunshine to cheer us up. He gives us the beauty of seeing flowers grow, and the animals that come around us. We have a dog, because he showed up at the church as a stray. We had to do something. We fed him, and took him to the veterinarian.

The doctor said, “I can give him medication that will heal him.”

We have figured that God sent our dog to us for our comfort. He is a happy dog, and big. He loves us, and is still playful, even through is he getting old. I believe he brought us joy. He also has teeth, and our furniture knows this. The couch, and chair have been eaten, but we linger with them. The den is where we love to eat. Our couch and chair are well-worn by the dog, but it makes a comfortable place to eat. We put quilts, and blankets on the old furniture. We will buy more when the  pets are long gone.



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