The Listener who Fades Out…

Are you truly listening, or do you think of other things while someone is talking to you. I know we can do this when the topic is boring in a class. When two people are talking, and one is going on, and on about something, are you listening, or is your mind wondering. If it happens often, there may be a problem with listening.

The person can be smart, but they can’t stay with you in a conversation when you are doing all the talking. Conversation is two-sided. Teaching should be two-sided. It should not be forceful, such as making the class repeat what you just said. Those who aren’t listening may not be engaged. They look nice, sweet, well dressed, and ready with their pencils, but that is the key. They are action, learners. Reading the passage by themselves is not going to work. They need to have questions to find the answers in the paragraph, or some kind of workbook that will help them learn.

Knowing that people’s minds wander is helpful. This way you can prepare for action in the classroom. Isn’t it what you do that makes you remember years later the teacher who got you motivated? I believe motivation can be swiped away by rebuking a teacher for an insignificant thing. I believe we need to leave the teaching to the teachers, and encourage them when they please us. The class is so quiet, is not always good. Why are they so quiet? Are they really learning?

When children become interested, they may get quiet, but they will want to come to class when they are working together for the common goal. Not a sheet of paper to color, but a game to play on the board, or doing something in groups of two, or three for 25 minutes. Motivation is a good word in the class. It is a good word for any one who is leading adults. It makes the leader go home, eat, and rest so they can motivate again the next day. Teaching is work. It is not always sitting at the desk grading papers.

I believe participation is so important, because given some time, adults will talk if they are not involved in the lesson. It is rude, but they will talk about other things, because they are bored. Many people don’t participate, because they are stubborn. I believe when stubborn people are motivated, they have tenacious faith, and they want to learn tenaciously. Tenacity is a good word. It means they don’t give up.


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