The Basics are Important.

When you know the basics, and follow them, there is more. When you know the basics of cooking, that is a start. Then you can find out more information on different subjects, and specialize. I know some about cooking. I have learned from one of the best country cooks there was. Ed’s Mother knew all I wanted to know about cooking. I helped her in her kitchen many times, and it paid off. I learned to cook the old-fashioned way. I owe her much, because all I could cook was mashed potatoes. I could make a cake from the box if I held my mouth right.

Cooking takes talent, and patience. My son is an excellent cook, because he reads on the internet, and his cook books. He has read his cookbooks through. I believe his patience helps him make excellent deserts. Also He loves to read, and find the newest thing that is being taught. I would never have gone this far in my cooking.


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