Structure in the Home is Necessary.

There were times when Dad said, “No more television for two, weeks.” We all abided by his ways, and we didn’t watch television. We didn’t watch it when he was gone, and mother was home. We didn’t watch. It didn’t hurt us. We found games to play, and at night we worked puzzles, and read our books. Grades came up in school, because we did our homework carefully.

Structure may mean there needs to be some kind of schedule. Sleeping til 12:oo is not on the schedule. You need to get up at a good time. I believe sleeping too, much is not good for you. I believe that a loose schedule is better than none. There should be times when the computer is out of the picture. I can’t study the Word, and be tied to the computer. I have written much, but I will stop, and do the rest of what I need to get done. I believe when there is structure, more people are involved, and more happens.

When I wanted to created an environment of unity in the classroom, I would say, this is study time. We studied for two, hours. We studied 4 main subjects.HONORING YOUR PARENTSThen we broke for something else that was easier. Lunch was always welcome. My children learned to make their middle name, “work.” Those who didn’t are few. When the class is interested, it is because the lessons are presented well. Students study, and teachers study also. They don’t have a lush job.

Teaching is work. In a work environment, there should always be times when you know what you are doing is work, but reasonable fun. Some work related things might be, Racing to get finished, Seeing if the girls can finish first, calling teams of boys, or girls to the board to work problems in math, beating the clock once you know the steps to the math problem, knowing math combinations, and using them to solve problems…all work, but presented in ways that the children know them well.

I believe any group that meets should be organized, and working. Splitting groups into threes helps. I believe small groups learn to work together. Then scramble the groups. This way you learn to get along with different personalities. I believe patience is a virtue. Some people have little patience. There is a place for impatient people. They drive a group harder because they don’t want to spend all day on one thing. I believe people can get along with each other if they will give in at times. I don’t think one person should run the show. I believe when groups meet together, you are met for a reason. Keep it in mind. If you are meeting to pray, then stop talking, divide the group and begin praying.

Those who pray together are often fought. Those who pray are often fought when they really pray. I believe when two are in unity it makes a difference. They can pray together and see God move mountains that have been in the way for a long time. The mountains can be ego, impatience, jealousy, grieving, pride, arrogance, and moodiness. All of us have tendencies of not getting along, but patience is a virtue.

I believe a good word spoken with wisdom should not be taken lightly.

How do you know it is wisdom?

When I  since the anointing with it, I don’t doubt that it is God.  I wish more of us spoke with His words. We might walk farther in the ways of the Lord, if we spent time with Him daily, and for as long as it takes to get enough. I believe we need to get used to studying at home in the Word, Christians. Wearing the armor of God is necessary, beneficial, and a responsibility that we need to all assume, if we plan to be His children.


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