Structure in the Home is Important.

I made out a schedule for myself. It stayed in my notebook. I forgot the schedule, but really I put down what I am doing presently. I believe if I want to get up early, I must retire early. I can wait until later, but it is harder to get up. I believe discipline is involved in what you want to do with your life. I rise early to meet with the Lord. It takes a while, but it is worth doing.

Structure is important. Having three meals is structure. Washing windows, washing clothes, and doing general housework is structure when you involve the family. I believe planning events with the family is helpful. I believe in allowing children to play outside, but leaving them out all day without structure is not too, good. We girls made up games, and found ways to entertain the neighbor hood. Hide and Seek, and baseball, kickball, and other games were in the yard. The neighborhood children came to our yard, because it was big, and we would play with them.

Organizational skills can be developed in the home when you wash and put the dishes away, and let the children do this with you. Some mothers are missing out when they insist on doing everything. I know grown children who don’t know much about housework because they were not included in making the house clean. In school, I let the class clean up what they messed up when we had a project. Sure there was noise, but we were putting things back in order. I believe there is a time to do this in the home. Everyone works when it is time to work. I can tell those who were taught to work when they were children. They are hard workers now.


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