Praying Causes Things to Happen.

When things are dry, and God isn’t answering, than it is time to start praying with seriousness. Many fast at this point. Some can’t for health reasons. I believe in fasting one or two things at a time, instead of total fasting. I believe that praying and fasting go together.

How much do you pray? I pray when I have time, and when I am doing housework. I whistle little, but when I need to pray, and people are around, I might start whistling by faith. For me to whistle, it is a step of faith! Mine is not clear, and strong.

Praying? How do you pray? Well you bind Satan, sin, and self. These talk. Then pleading the blood of Jesus over yourself, you say,” Father, I come in the Mighty name of Jesus to your throne.”

Praise Him, and talk to Him about His goodness, and the many things he has accomplished in bringing you to Christ, and giving you a home, clothes, etc. Thank Him for all He has done, and give examples.

I believe in adding the Word of God to my prayers, because it causes things to happen in the Power of the Holy Spirit. The Word will not return void. It won’t be empty when it returns. Study the Word, so you have verses to pray back. Then pray them back to God. The word of God is not bound. The Word is a light to Your Path. The word brings increase. The word is a fire, and it breaks rocks that have been inside you for years. What are they? Stubbornness…refusal to give in to God’s way. This is a huge rock that needs to be crushed. How is it crushed? Ask God to break it inside you. How about apathy? Turn the television off for a week, and sit before the Lord with your Bible. Read like you haven’t read before. Ask for wisdom, and bind stubbornness. I believe in closing prayer in the name of Jesus. His name is above every name. At the name of Jesus every knee will bow one day. I bow mine, and when I stand up I feel tall.


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