Piano Helps.

I believe anyone should take piano lessons as a child. I believe it helps open your mind to learning, music, and that it helps give you structure that you will not get any other way. Learning from a strict teacher is wonderful, when you are cooperative, and willing to learn. My first piano teacher could play the piano, but she didn’t know how to teach me what she knew. I went to another teacher, and he was gifted. He couldn’t teach me. Finally, I found a teacher that my 5th graded teacher recommended. She was well-known in our school.

You see, she was the music teacher in our school. My teacher knew her because she was a musician also. Both were profound in their musical abilities. So I met Miss Hunter, and we learned the notes, before I learned much else. We learned what timing is, and we learned the kinds of notes. She drilled timing into me, and what time a quarter note gets in 4/4 time.

She was patient with me, and I didn’t know much.

I was interested, and patient, and she taught me for years. She had trouble with her temper, and mother caught her yelling because we were not coming to class.

Mom fired her.

She said, “Can I teach Ruby, then?” It was too, late.

Mom said, “No.”

The other teachers were not like Miss Hunter. I took lessons from several, and they didn’t have her discipline. Finally, I stopped piano. The influence of structure in piano changed me into who I am. I still know all my notes, but I haven’t played for years. I am rusty, but I believe the experience of getting along with someone like Miss Hunter was the gift of patience in me. God allowed me to work with her, and she never yelled, or hit my hands. She was always patient, and she repeated the lesson if I didn’t learn it well.

Of all my teachers, I believe she cared for me, and taught me with consistency, and kindness. I believe her ability to teach was what caught me. She would have me sight read from pieces I had never heard. I had to get the timing right. Drilling the notes, and the timing is important. My little fingers did not grow. They are small as a child’s finger. She exercised my fingers to make them strong. I believe her gifting was used to help me. I was disappointed in the next teachers. I believe everyone should have been like Miss Hunter. Smile.


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