People Cause a Church Not to Grow.

Faith comes by hearing, and hearing is often the words that we say. People cause a church to grow. I don’t go by numbers anymore. I believe where two are, the Lord is there. So why do we want to worship with a crowd? Is the service more anointed with 500 people compared to twenty?

Where two are He is there. I don’t look at numbers, but it takes several to supply the needs of the church, unless it is in a home. God wants us to meet for fellowship. What is fellowship? Singing is one way to have fellowship. It is worship to God almighty in Jesus name. It is honoring Jesus as the name above every name. You can worship God in your home by yourself. Why do you need others?

When two agree, they put ten thousand to flight. Thirty is divided by two 15 times. You could have 15 groups of two easily. Spread out, and pray two by two. See what happens. Some will talk for the time given to pray. They get off task, because they are self-centered. When you are given time to pray, then pray!

When thirty people are centered on the Lord, and praying, it can be powerful. All the thinking is focused on praying to God, and worshiping Him with our words, and prayers. Everyone is listening, and all pray.It is the hardest to have participating prayer like this, but when two pray like this, God hears.

I prayed with someone when I was turning to a teenager. We read Roseland Rinker’s book on prayer, and we found that conversational prayer was wonderful. We prayed about all things, and we drew God into our conversations and then prayed.

I don’t know where she is, but we learned to pray together, and later I moved away, and she might have become a nurse. I became a teacher, and it was when she and I prayed together, that I found God wanted me to teach. He spoke to me when I asked what I was to do with my life. The faith between us was high that day. We expected God to tell us. When he did, I was surprised. Teach? I dropped that one for a while, but I did teach 20 years. God makes a way when you surrender!


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