No Answers. When God is Silent.

God is silent for a reason when there is no answer, and the silence is there. I believe God hears us when we pray, but at times, we have sin in the way. Doubt, unbelief, and sin will keep God from hearing you. Also, when you haven’t surrendered, God will hear your cries of surrender. Give your life to Jesus and try this. If you are unhappy all the time, and you find everything in God’s world negative, then surrender to Him again.

If you haven’t, then give your life to Him, and tell Him you are a sinner. Talk about your sinful ways, and repent, in Jesus name. This will make a difference, if you will surrender one more time to Him. He made you. Surrender to Jesus Christ who died for you, and rose again. You can have peace with God through Jesus Christ.

Then when you pray, God will no longer be silent. He sees your heart, covered with the blood of Jesus. He sees the blood of Jesus, and God says, “Come talk to me. Let me hear your voice.”


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