I Don’t Know What Happened!

I started writing one, and then another post. I write on Rubies Corner’s blog, and today I kept on writing, and writing. I talk about life, and I had plenty to talk about. Well the stats went way up, and I am tickled. I would write every day this much, but life is slower than I write. Smile. I am thankful, grateful, and I believe I came up with that when I did stop to read today. It wasn’t too, long. I had supper to make. Isaac usually does supper, but he had other things to get done. He is studying to become an elder in the church. He is going to be ordained in June. It takes a while, and some study.

Isaac has two degrees, but being an Elder is not a degree. He was chosen, and he said alright. It took some praying. He is up to his ears in the church, may as well be an elder, and see what God will do with him then. He teaches the Bible, and plays games afterwards. I believe he will always be a special person. I’m his mother, but some people run from God. I am thankful that Isaac isn’t running from God.


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