Add to the Basics. (Wisdom from a Teacher.)

I believe knowing the math combinations helped me the most in my math, but it took a week for the teacher to convince us that she was going to give tests on them until we knew them. At first I didn’t study. I failed her tests. Then I studied, and since the tests were simple, I started making a 100 every time. She was a math teacher who knew, if you don’t know the combinations well, your grades will continue to be low in math. Her insistence helped us all. I know my math combinations to this day because of one teacher who simply refused to give up on poor math students.

Add to the basics, and don’t teach poor learners the basics all over again. They are bored, so give them a little clue of what it is like in the next level. “Look how we substitute “a” for a number, and “b” for a number. Now add.” Soon you are teaching higher math gradually to low students.

Never assume that once a person is low in three subjects that they will be low in all of them. Quit thinking about their scores. Know they have problems, but pray for guidance, and that the child will catch on to what he doesn’t know. Never give up…….on a child who is low in reading. Maybe his eyes haven’t developed, and won’t until he is 8 years old. That is a long wait, but some people have delayed maturity in their eyes. I know. My son had this, and he learned to read in the fourth grade. He reads beyond college level now. He reads well with no problems. It was a matter of waiting for his eyes to mature.


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