20 is a Good Number. Smile.

I am writing for the twentieth time today. I don’t usually write on Word Press this much. My sister reads all I write, and she will have to take more time this way. I don’t think it will hurt anyone to read what I have said today. I won’t waste your time. I write from my heart, and some of what I have said should be considered. I don’t talk as much as I write.

I since my audience, and write to them. Some one needs some ideas about teaching. I have written several times about teaching, because I worked when I taught. I tutored low students for seven years, after teaching for 15 in the intercity school system. I had 5 years experience elsewhere. I know how to teach, because it is given to some, and others work the gift. Teaching is work, whether you have the gift, or not.

My last comments for a while about teaching will be on the motivation I have talked about. I read about teachers, and teaching magazines in order to stay up with the latest things that are happening in the teaching field. I went back to school, and I have 18 hours of credit in other universities. Most of it is on Reading, or working with those who are difficult to teach. I did take some psychology, and Special classes for those who have trouble learning.

Reading was my expertise, and much focus. I don’t know why. I guess if you know how to read well, it is easy to teach others. I knew phonics, and my classes learned this so it would help those who were behind in their reading. It helped. I taught phonics to my class when it wasn’t popular to do this. The class improved because they knew their sounds.

It helped 15 of my first graders one year. I had the lowest of the low children, and I didn’t want them to go through life without knowing how to read. A teacher came to help me…a volunteer. She taught them phonics, and I saw the difference. What was an old idea was thrown out by the supervisors, but it worked for my class!



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