Isaac Helped me Tonight With Supper.

Ed and I left to go to the church area. We went to the grocery store. We found bone-in pork roasts. I have not fixed these, but I did tonight. We purchased 3 pork roasts, and I wrapped them, and put them in the pan with a lid on it. I added water so they would steam. It takes 4-5 hours to make this kind of pork roast. Ed bought ice cream to go with the chocolate cake I fixed. It was rich, but this was someone’s birthday. We needed to celebrate.

I wrote about consistency. It takes this to make progress. You put one foot in front of the other, and you become consistent. It has to pay off. I finished Isaiah this week. I believe it was yesterday. Today I read in 2 Kings. I will finish that book. I believe reading the Bible helps me keep happy about life, and others. I have learned to be consistent the hard way. Life isn’t easy, but going to God about the problem helps. I still think making a schedule helps in retirement. I have much time, but I need to keep a schedule so I can accomplish something. Today I read chapter 4 in 2 Kings. It has all kinds of problems, but they are handled with faith, and prayer. It is a very interesting chapter.


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