Breakfast is Over.

Unless we have run out of eggs, I fry three eggs a piece for us with toast, and jelly. Today I put a little jelly under my toast. Then I put the two eggs on the toasted bread. Hmm. It added grape jelly flavor. Smile. It was a new taste, but eggs are better with bacon and grits. I can’t indulge in eggs, and bacon because I am trying to lose what I have gain over the last 25 years. My weight has increased because I have stopped exercising, and I am paying for this.

I do 100 leg exercises on each leg when I think about doing this. Otherwise, even the bench is out. We used to walk, but I never ran. It was too, hard. I lose my breath, and it hurts when the air builds up the wrong way.

I am tired, but I slept. We are in tremendous times, and some news is good, and other news is disconcerting. I have learned that God won’t withhold from me if I am walking with Him, not against Him. I have learned that I should rejoice in the Lord always. At times it is harder to rejoice.

I rejoice in my retirement. I rejoice in knowing that God has plans for us. We need to think outside the box, and let Him lead. We don’t have any business taking the steering wheel when He is in charge. Submission is not easy, but when it comes, it goes from head to toe, inside, and out.

I haven’t read yet, but I am still in 2nd Kings. It was deep, and rich, yesterday. I read one chapter, and it was so wonderful. The problems were there, but God’s servant had victory. People came to him for help, because he knew God, and spoke to Him, and with him about people. This person today would be a minister. Smile. There are some awesome women who have gifts of teaching, music, and wisdom. When given in the Power of the Holy Spirit, wisdom can be received well. I believe there is much flesh in the Body of Christ these days. We need to count our blessings, and seek the Lord fully.


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